We are excited to announce that we will be upgrading our infrastructure to Dell Enterprise-Grade Server Hardware and VMWare Virtualisation Technology over the next few months to increase the performance and improve reliability. All hosting infrastructure will remain in Australia.

What are we doing?
Over the last few months, TOZAMAS has seen significant growth and we’ve outgrown our current server solution. To ensure that we can continue to provide the highest levels of speed and reliability, we’ve designed a brand new cloud hosting platform to move our customers onto.

Our new cloud hosting platform is comprised of all Dell Enterprise Hardware and Intel Enterprise SSD Drives, and makes use of mature VMWare Virtualisation Technology. This will ensure that we can grow in the future (without another migration) while also maintaining the speed and performance of local storage. All hosting infrastructure will remain in Australia.

Migration Details:
TOZAMAS will be performing the migration of your website onto the new cloud hosting platform over the next 2 to 3 months. While your website is being moved, we will place a maintenance notice up for a short period until it is transferred between the platforms. The amount of time the site will be unavailable will vary depending on how large the site is, however typically this should only be 10 to 15 minutes.

All content hosted on your account, including emails, will be copied across during the migration, and all login details will remain the same on the new platform. The only thing that will change once the site is migrated is the server hostname and the IP address the site is hosted on, and these details will be emailed to you as soon as the migration has completed.

What Do I Need To Do?
I’m using TOZAMAS nameservers
If your website is using TOZAMAS nameservers, we will take care of all DNS changes for you, and these changes should be almost instant. However, please note that some ISPs take longer than others to update their DNS caches, so it can take a few hours for the change in IP to fully propagate across all networks.  We will send you advanced notification 24 hours prior to migration.

I’m using non-TOZAMAS nameservers
If your website is not using TOZAMAS nameservers, you will need to update these details once the transfer is complete. We will send you advanced notification 5 days prior to migration.

If you would prefer that TOZAMAS manages the DNS Records for you then you can pre-emptively change your DNS Management to TOZAMAS and make use of our new globally distributed DNS cluster. If you wish to have this done for you then please contact us and make a request.

Does this mean my site will be offline for hours while you do this migration?
No, the migration process will take only the site being migrated offline for the time it takes to copy that site across to the new environment. This should only typically be 10 to 15 minutes for the average site, however customers with large sites will incur longer delays depending on the size of their site. If you’re concerned with how long your site may take, we encourage you to remove any unnecessary large files from your accounts to ensure a rapid migration.

Is this migration going to break my site?
No, this is simply a move of your site from one server to another. Web-server and database software will remain on the same versions, and PHP Selector will continue to be available allowing you to select any version of PHP your website requires. PHP configuration will not be changing.

Will my site’s IP address change?
Yes, all the TOZAMAS  cloud servers occupy new ranges of IP addresses. By using new IP addresses, we can minimise the amount of downtime individual customer sites experience during the migration.

Will my server’s hostname change?
Yes, we will be using new server hostnames due to the need to change IP addresses during the migration process.

Will I need to make any changes to my email settings?
If you currently have your email program configured to use the server hostname as the incoming or outgoing mailserver, yes you will need to update this information after the migration has completed. However, if you are using mail.[yourdomain] in the mailserver, no adjustments will be required.
To avoid having to make any changes after the migration, you could consider pre-emptively changing your email settings to use mail.[yourdomain] prior to the migration date.

What time of day will the migrations be done?
The migrations will be done outside of business hours (AEST) to ensure minimal disruption to our customers.

If you have any questions regarding this migration, please send your query through to our server technical support department and we'll be happy to assist.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

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